Motion Graphic Video Production

Alpha Seed provides full video production services including concept development, production, editing, and post-production. We pride ourselves in providing video production services tailored to each of our clients. We will help you create original and compelling HD and 4K video to capture the attention of your target audience while effectively portraying the message you want. From script writing to production, we can walk you through the process in a convenient and time-efficient manner.

Working out how to get your message across using video can be a frightening prospect. Do you need interviews, music, graphics? How long should it be? What is your target audience? What is the message you need to convey? What format do you need? We are here to ensure that your video production does exactly the job it was created for, but also generates more opportunities than you had originally thought of, maximizing your return-on-investment and exposure.

Our team is composed of talented and creative videographers and film professionals, who will bring you the best in HD video services. We also offer editing services on footage you or your company may have already shot. Give us a call if you have any questions, or need a quote for your video project

Our Video Production Process


In the discovery phase we analyse your objectives to find out exactly what your needs, objectives and expectations are for the visual style of your video.


We put together ideas of how we will visually narrate the story, our team of creative designers begin developing artistic concepts which will provide the unique look and feel of your video.


This is where the magic happens and your production comes to life. Where all the ideas, technical and creative imagination that clients, designers, film-makers and animators add is developed into a final memorable video which sells your unique products and services.

It’s time to break through the noise!

If you’re in need of some friendly, honest advice about Motion Graphic Video Production, feel free to contact us!