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Maintaining social media pages by posting once per day isn’t enough. Users are blind to run the mill, standard, promotional content. Our strategy combines a pinpointed content strategy with influencer engagement. In short: We leverage key thought leaders in your industry with a large social media following to share custom content and place your brand in front of the ideal target customers.

To ensure an impactful and successful campaign, we’ll take you through the following steps:

Consultancy: we need to get together with your internal teams and work to define the campaign goals. Within social media strategy it’s important to set targets and expectations – we collaborate with you to make the plan clearer.

Research Audit: we carry out an in-depth audit of your brand’s performance compared to competitors, focusing on content, communication, conversations, individuals, and opportunities – while considering the internal workings that we’ve spoken about at the consultation stage.

Strategy: we follow our audit with a creative strategy that ties all the information we’ve gathered together. The scope and scale of this strategy depends on the strategic aims and goals, but we’ll identify the specific ideas and narratives that will be produced.

Content: we produce creative content that’s cut for social networks. We’re experts at creation and design, and make sure that each content piece is genuinely useful, interesting, and ingenious – to ensure that it stands the best chance of being shared and talked about. We can also run ongoing, thematic campaigns rather than single pieces of content, but this is dependent on the scope of the strategy and the overall goals.

Reporting: we make sure that everything’s reported and measured against KPIs. Analytical advances mean that the impact of social media is now far more measurable than it was before so we report on the impact of all activities on a monthly, weekly or daily basis as required.

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